About me


Hi I'm Jake.

I'm a Masters student in mathematical biology at the University of Melbourne. I did my undergraduate degree as a double major in developmental biology and pure mathematics and minored in history and philosophy of science (HPS).

I like exploring the regularities that explain how life as we know it works. Naturally, that makes me interested in evolutionary theory, mathematics and philosophy of biology. Recently I've been thinking about biological agency, perspectivism and developing mathematical formalisms for both of those frameworks. A good place to start with the math has to be Robert Rosen's seminal work Life Itself expressed in the language of category theory.

I really enjoy living in a cosmopolitan and inter-disciplinary world so wouldn't box myself into any one field. But maybe we could call it philosophical biology (a mostly forgotten branch of theoretical biology) or organicism.

I'm still unsure if I really want to go into academia because, well, it doesn't seem like such a good place to do theoretical research in the 21st century (also this).

Plus, I really love teaching and sharing these ideas with a wider audience. They don't get a lot of coverage in typical popular science. So while I'm still young (and perhaps naïve), I may as well try to figure out YouTube and if it doesn't work out, then the academy isn't going anywhere.

My email is jake 'at' subanima 'dot' org.